T05 Payment Services - Risk Assessment Form
Thank you for your interest in T05 Payment Services. To better understand your business payment needs, please fill up the following form.

Note: This form is only meant for Merchant and Companies incorporated in The Republic of Singapore.

Please only fill up the form if you have existing Financial and Operational knowledge of your company. We will also require the latest ACRA for your company (Past 6 months). Please proceed only if you are able to provide these information adequately.

The following details will be shared with 2C2P Pte Ltd, our payment processing partner, for further Merchant Account opening.
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What is your average ticket size per single transaction? (You may select more than one) *
What is the expected proportion of sales done over the payment terminal to total sales? *
Do you have any security measures to prevent Fraudulent Transactions on Credit/Debit Cards?
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