3 Stage Adopt a Trail
New Adopt a Trail Program for 3 Stage

We have lots of great trails at 3 Stage that are in need of regular good old fashion maintenance. We think the best long term solution is to ask our dedicated members and trail lovers of 3 Stage to adopt a manageable section of trails for their care and maintenance throughout the season. It’s doesn’t have to be one person, it can be a team of people for a given trail, just as long as they keep the trail’s in great shape throughout the year. Pick an amount of trail that is manageable for you or your group so you don’t burn out.

What does great shape mean? Basically it means removing debris, branches and saplings etc that mess up the trail and/or whack you in the face. It also means removing tree falls. If you don’t have the equipment, no problem, contact us with a screen shot from Trailforks of the location and pics of the fall and we will make arrangements to come out with you to remove it. In the end, what we want are nice, neat and clean trails without the hazards that can rip off derailleurs, poke your eye out or require reroutes. Please note, we do not want you to remove rocks or fundamentally change the character of a trail. Filling in or draining puddles is a great though. Nobody likes puddles.

What tools do you need? Sapling clippers are great. They are the best tools for opening up the trails from the encroaching undergrowth which is one of our biggest challenges. Another useful tool is the Silky saw. It’s a small folding saw that fits in your pocket but cuts through small branches very well. A bow saw works well too but it’s not so convenient to carry. Rakes are good too if you like to remove leaves. It’s not essential but the trails look really good.

How to adopt a trail?

We will use Trailforks as our reference so please download that app if you don’t currently have it. We’ve created a list of all the trails from the Trailforks map. In order of your preference,  pick 3 trails you would like to adopt. We’re doing it this way because we anticipate that some people will pick the same trails so we’ll need your second or third choices. We will then get back to you with the trail that you’ve been assigned. You can have more then one trail if you wish but be sure you can do the work. Please email your picks and questions to:
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