CHOW Application
Use the form to apply for a position as a Community Health Outreach Worker for MaineTransNet.

MTN Community Health Outreach Worker Job Description

Type of position: Volunteer with stipend ($100/month) and mileage; temporary, part-time.
Hours: 5-10 hours a week
Location: Five CHOWs will be selected; geographic diversity encouraged.

The Community Health Outreach Worker (CHOW) works in the community directly with peers to facilitate an integrated approach to housing, social services and health care management. The MTN CHOW will work with up to four peers, one hour a week, for 90 days toward peer-identified objectives.

Possible activities may include, but are not limited to: attending provider appointments, coordinating referrals to community resources, de-escalating urgent situations, supporting gender affirming practices, completing applications for services, or searching for housing. The goal of this program is to improve life satisfaction through prioritized health, wellbeing, social, spiritual, and/or environmental outcomes.

Must have completed MaineTransNet facilitator training.
Must have a valid driver’s license and vehicle or access public transportation; you are not required to drive peers.
Schedule must allow for some weekday availability; mandatory 3-day training February 25-26th and one other day TBS.
Must have working knowledge of harm reduction.
Proven experience practicing boundaries and dual relationships with community members. Strong understanding of confidentiality and ability to work independently as well as collaboratively.
Excellent communication skills- weekly case notes submitted and regular supervision with MTN leadership.

Case management experience and/or knowledge of local community resources.
Understanding of mental health and trauma sensitivity.

Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be conducted by MTN Staffers, Intern, and Steering Committee Member. This project will be evaluated by a Social Work Intern as a research project with a goal of expanding a sustainable CHOW program based on results of the program.

To Apply: Please attach a resume, three references, and a letter of interest in the position answering the following:

Describe a mutually beneficial relationship that has contributed to your personal growth.
1. What were the qualities of that person?
2. What was your communication like?
3. How did you support each other?
4. How did you resolve any differences or conflicts?

If accepted, can you be available to attend mandatory Motivational Interviewing training on February 25-26th in Portland? *
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