hEr VOLUTION Youth Committee Application
Youth Committee Terms and Conditions:


The Youth Committee is a diverse team of seven members who will support hEr VOLUTION with ideas and solutions concerning issues pertaining to youth in STEM from the under-served communities. They will focus on providing relevant advice and direction that reflects the organization’s values to maximize its impact.


hEr VOLUTION is a nonprofit organization working on access to innovative, education and employment services to girls and young women in STEM. hEr VOLUTION promotes increased government involvement and a change in the attitude towards stereotypical gender norms from a young age. Given the wide diversity of cultural, regional, and interest-based communities across GTA, hEr VOLUTION is establishing a Youth Committee to operate with improved transparency and community engagement. The primary goal is to represent and offer services and activities affecting girls and young women and to communities, predominantly in STEM fields.
 What is STEM: commonly known as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics
 Our mission: hEr VOLUTION encourages girls and young women to pursue STEM based careers and promotes stakeholder's involvement in the support of STEM education in Canada.
 Our vision: To raise awareness and value placed on STEM education for girls and young women in Canada.


 Advise hEr VOLUTION's management on issues that have the most significant impact on the accomplishment of the organization's mission and strategy. Provide “wise counsel” and expertise on issues raised by community leaders and program participants.
 Assist in the development of an on-going review of the organization's long-term planning and special initiatives.
 Support the achievement of different program objectives and provide recommendations to hEr VOLUTION through direct participation in the identification and cultivation of significant forms of support from individuals and organizations.
 Contribute to hEr VOLUTION's perspective and wisdom by sharing knowledge and experience to support program development and research.
 Represent the interests and needs of external constituencies to the organization.
 Communicate, endorse and advocate hEr VOLUTION's interests to external constituencies such as the industry's community, to raise its profile as a leading management education and employment provider to girls and young women in STEM, and to engender support and understanding of its goals.
 Act as a consistent and responsible committee when faced with issues pertaining to the advancement of hEr VOLUTION and the achievement of its vision.


 To be established by the Youth Committee members at first meeting


 hEr VOLUTION will offer a three-year term of appointment to each Youth Committee member, at the close of which they have an opportunity to be re-appointed.

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