Application of Positions in Fang's Lab
- This form is intended to collect information that will be used to assess the suitability of your interest and your competence. Any information submitted shall only be used solely for this purpose by our internal team. You can also directly send emails to, but it may take more time to evaluate your case.

- If you want to apply for Ph.D. or postdoc position, you will need to apply through the formal application system. Filling this form is optional.
- If you are applying for a visiting position from a foreign country, please contact me at least 4 months before you plan to arrive. It takes time to get the inviting letters and I-2019 sent to you due to university rules.

- For CMU students who are in Pittsburgh campus and want to work as a research assistant in our lab: I will consider working with highly-motivated students who have taken courses in linear algebra, calculus, probability, programming, artificial intelligence.
- For other students who want to visit CMU and work with us: I will consider working with highly-motivated students who have already had publications or well-shaped paper submissions.

- We look for both research assistants and developers.

- Funding is not always available for undergraduate students, master students and visitors. There is potential funding for CMU students if you are exceptionally productive.

- You will be asked to submit your CV, and your previous publication or a 3-slide PPT describing your previous research experience.

Fei Fang

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