Eyelevel "Push-pin" Volunteer Membership
In addition to Eyelevel's monthly paid memberships through Patreon, we offer a $0 volunteer membership tier. In exchange for basic membership rewards, Eyelevel requires 6 hours of volunteer work every 6 months. Eyelevel will be reaching out to these members when a volunteer opportunity arises.

Basic membership benefits include:

— Members-led initiatives such as exhibitions, talks, screenings
— Use of our space
— Use of our studio space through micro-residencies and reduced rate for rental
— Use of our flex and project rooms, which can be used for meetings, work, exhibitions, or hosting meetups.
— Ability to sell work out of our bookstore on commission.
— Voting rights for AGM, ability to participate on various committees and to stand for election to the Board of Directors
— Subscription to regular members email and Eyelevel news lists

Click here for more information about our paid memberships: https://www.patreon.com/eyelevelarc
Complete the following form to sign up as a "Push Pin" volunteer member!

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By submitting this form, you acknowledge the terms of conditions of and Eyelevel Volunteer Membership, which includes a commitment to fulfill 6 volunteer hours per every 6 months at Eyelevel, in exchange for basic membership benefits. Please contact membership@eyelevel.art if you have any further questions.
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