Implementing a Service Learning Program Checklist
This form is a digital version of the "Implementing a Service Learning Program" Checklist, found in the AISA Service Learning Handbook. The information is being collected by the Serve Learn Co to inform our next steps and to share the information with member schools
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VISION - Does our school have alignment of school vision and mission with service learning?
— and Service Learning is integral to the school’s values and operations
— the program and approaches fit comfortably into the broader vision of supporting an ongoing Service Learning culture within our school
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CLARITY - Does our school clearly state what we are trying to achieve in our Service Learning program?
— goals for Service Learning
— framework, procedures, and organization of Service Learning
— teachers are able to link the Service Learning goals of the school in relation to professional expectations
— structures allow discussion and feedback from critical personnel
How do you rate your school on Clarity? *
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CONSISTENCY - Does our school have consistent understandings of Service Learning?
— across schools/divisions
— grades/Teams/Leaders
— teacher advisors
— students and parents
— with our collaborative/partnerships
How do you rate your school on Consistency? *
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STUDENT LEADERSHIP - Does our school provide opportunities for student leadership within service learning program?
— appropriate training
— the skills, or specific skill set, to developmentally guide and lead others in Service Learning
— a variety of opportunities for leadership
How do you rate your school on Student Leadership? *
Very Weak
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CURRICULUM - Does our school embed Service Learning within the curriculum
— units K-12 are integrated with Service Learning
— the five stages are taught and assessed for understanding
— units are evaluated and reviewed for horizontal and vertical alignment
— teachers are held accountable for planning, implementing, celebrating, and feedback of Service Learning by their supervisors
How do you rate your school on Curriculum? *
Very Weak
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PROFESSIONAL LEARNING - Does our school have a coordinated professional learning program enhancing the provision of a cohesive and consistent school-wide approach?
— training or support for our leaders and faculty members to assist in the development of Service Learning knowledge, skills and understandings
— all faculty are trained in Service Learning protocols and procedures and how to integrate the five stages model of Service Learning
How do you rate your school on Professional Learning? *
Very Weak
Very Strong
BUDGET/RESOURCES - Does our school ensure that the program has appropriate funding?
— budget to support Service Learning curriculum integration and Service activities/projects
— resources to support Service Learning activities, projects, and classroom integration
— personnel to assist with the coordination, organization and evaluation of program
How do you rate your school on Budget/Resources? *
Very Weak
Very Strong
TIME - Does our school provide critical time to allow Service Learning to be planned, executed and evaluated?
— faculty time to explore collaboratives/partners to find authentic links to the school curriculum.
— faculty time to develop authentic units linked to Service Learning
— student/Parent time to understand the collaboratives/ partners and opportunities
— student time to participate in Service Learning activities
Rate your school on Time? *
Very Weak
Very Strong
COLLABORATIVES/PARTNERSHIP - Does our school develop critical Service Learning collaboratives/partnerships with the community?
— there is a wide range of collaboratives/partnerships to allow for curriculum links, student interests, voice and choice
— opportunities to interact with diverse backgrounds and experiences
— collaboratives/partnership needs are assessed and reviewed annually
— effective communication and feedback protocols and procedures in place to support mutual understanding and effectiveness
— collaboratives/partnerships are reciprocal over time
How do you rate your school on Collaboratives/Partnerships? *
Very Weak
Very Strong
SUSTAINABILITY - Does our school develop and support structures which ensure a sustainable Service Learning program?
— relationship with collaboratives/partners is evaluated annually with a long-term perspective
— handbook is reviewed/updated each year
— policy and procedures are designed to ensure long-term development and continuity of program (details outlined in the action plan)
— there is a long-term commitment to resources- both staffing and finances
— program decision-making is strategically driven to support the program
How do you rate your school on Sustainability? *
Very Weak
Very Strong
OVERALL - In Service Learning we try to not just be about fundraising...but rather focus on
— authenticated needs of the community through investigation
— integration in the current curriculum through 5 stages: Investigation, Planning and Preparation, Action, Reflection and Demonstration/Communication
— student mentorship and leadership is integral
— constantly evaluate with continual growth and improvement at the forefront
11. How do you rate your school Overall *
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Very Strong
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