Mobility Survey 2020
Thanks for helping Charleston Moves understand current mobility trends as we face the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. By taking this survey, you agree that Charleston Moves can use your responses any way we deem necessary, but we will keep your responses anonymous.

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In which neighborhood or general area of Charleston County do you live? *
Have you been walking and/or biking more than you did before the pandemic?
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If you responded "no," why do you think that is the case? (If you're answering this question, you do not need to proceed to any other questions.)
If you responded "yes" above, why do you think that is the case? Please select the most pressing reason (we recognize you likely have more than one).
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What is your second most pressing reason?
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Are you mostly walking/biking to get somewhere (i.e. running an errand) or to spend time outside (i.e. recreation)?
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Are you walking/biking close to home, or are you driving somewhere to then walk/bike?
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Which streets are you choosing to walk/bike on?
Are you walking/riding on streets now that you've avoided in the past (or wish you could avoid) because they felt unsafe? If so, what are those streets and what do you think has changed?
Have you noticed any other transportation trends you would like to share with us?
Have you noticed anything new or interesting related to your walks or bike rides recently? This could be anything you want to share, whether it's personal (mental or physical health improvements), a beautiful characteristic of your neighborhood you never noticed before — anything!
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