BioQuest Academy 2018 Application - Due April 25, 2018 (5 PM) CLOSED
Fantastic! We are delighted to see your interest in the BioQuest Academy (BQA) program at CIDResearch. The BQA was designed with the goal to provide young adults who demonstrate enthusiasm for science, access to authentic biomedical research, so as to promote confidence and skills early in their scientific career pathways.

BioQuest Academy is open to ALL juniors (rising seniors) from the state of Washington (graduating class of 2019).
At BioQuest Academy we value Diversity. Do you belong to an underserved group? These include ethnic minorities in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) such as African American, Hispanic, Native American, Alaskan Natives, Pacific Islanders and other underserved groups such as first generation students seeking college, low income groups, fostered youth, refugee youth, LGBTQ, and others. We strongly encourage you to apply if you belong to these groups.

The BQA program responds to the published concerns regarding national trends in science and the mounting anxiety regarding the lack of real world, career-preparative experiences for youth. We will discuss a lot of science and a lot of college stuff while you are with us. In fact, the program INCLUDES:
• 40-60 hours of hands-on laboratory investigations that safely highlight our Center's research and develop student expertise in laboratory techniques (e.g., microbiology, insect dissections, micropipetting, gel electrophoresis, DNA forensics, PCR, DNA sequencing and immunology), interactive global health lectures, movies and scientific publication research experience, ending in a research symposium.
• All meals, lab supplies and notebooks are free of charge while students are at CIDResearch
• Access to the Academy online community through FaceBook, email and other media.
• Priority consideration for CIDResearch volunteering opportunities and paid internships.

Because CIDResearch will only accept 36 students in 2018, students should consider the program’s EXPECTATIONS below, before applying.

• Families of minors, or enrolled adult students must complete a consent form that acknowledges potential hazards relevant to work-based internships and permitting access to CIDResearch's research facility.
• Families and students are responsible for their own housing, transportation and parking costs.
• Student participation in session surveys and interviews, related to the BQA’s goal to encourage teens to pursue careers in the sciences.
• Student willingness to attend ALL HOURS of the BQA including the final research symposium. Failure to attend all hours may result in program termination for the student.
• Families and students are highly encouraged to contact BioQuest staff regarding any questions about the program resources and experiences.

Here is the "secret sauce" needed to get into the 2018 BQA. Applications are reviewed by a group of staff and alumni using a selection process/rubric that prioritizes those students who:
• Are familiar with the mission of CIDResearch (please review before applying), and are therefore interested in learning more about the cause and control of infectious diseases with large global burden, such as malaria, TB and HIV.
• Want to engage in college-level, hands-on science under the mentorship of practicing research scientists.
• Are keen to complete high school and enter post-secondary education so as to change the world for the better.
• Appreciate outcomes that are achieved through collaborative efforts.
• Are interested in providing helpful feedback on the program and resources to ensure that the BQA gets better and better!


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Students and mentors at play in the BioQuest Academy!
Photo credit: Marissa Vignali
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We will only review applications from students who are currently in 11th grade (Graduating class of 2019). If you are not currently in 11th grade, or not a WA state high school student, please do not apply.
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The BQA is a day-only program. We can not provide housing or transportation. You will need to make appropriate plans for accommodations to commute daily to CIDResearch
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We will only review applications from students living in Washington state.
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When you ask for this nomination, please give this kind person at least 5 days to complete the nomination.
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It is extremely important that you provide us with an accurate email address as we will be sending them a specific nomination form. Without an accurate address, this form may not reach your nominator, and your application will not be processed.
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Please select the 2018 BQA sessions you are able to attend this summer. *
CIDResearch will make a great effort to accommodate your preferences, however please understand that we receive hundreds of applications for our 36 open slots. By picking more than one session, you are letting us know how flexible you are in your summer schedule and we may have space in one session but not another.
Please tell us your education/work plans for after high school graduation. *
In addition to be a fun and rigorous science summer program, the Center for Infectious Disease Research staff are keen to help you achieve your college and career goals. To best address each student's interests, please tell us your post-secondary goals.
Please tell us, if you will, about your ethnicity and race (optional).
BioQuest recruitment and selection process is designed to include ALL population groups in Washington state with a strong emphasis on recruiting under-served groups (see description above). Please use the "other" option if you identify yourself as multiracial.
Is English your first language? Are other languages spoken in your home? If "yes", what other languages do you speak at home?
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Please tell us, to the best of your knowledge, who in your immediate family has attended college. *
If you consider yourself to belong to an under-served group in Science Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) please explain here (10 words or less). *
If you do not consider yourself to be underserved, please enter "Not Applicable". Under-served groups include ethnic minorities in STEM (African American, Latino/a, Native American, Alaskan Natives, Pacific Islanders) and other underserved groups (first person in your family seeking college, low income groups, fostered youth, refugee youth, LGBTQ, or other).
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Why are you passionate about science? Did a teacher, family member, television show or school experience raise your interest? *
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Please tell us the name of your favorite science experiment. *
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What was the purpose of the experiment you mentioned above? What did it teach you and why were YOU interested in it? *
The WHY portion of this question is important. Please answer in 200 words or less.
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Often in research, a scientist must repeat an experiment to prove that it really worked or to clarify earlier results. If you had the chance to repeat and alter your "favorite science experiment", how would you change or improve it? *
Please answer in 300 words or less.
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When a new, unidentifiable infectious disease appears in the news, many professionals get to work to solve the puzzle (e.g. doctors, nurses, researchers, public health specialists, community leaders, Pharma CEOs and others). If in the future you could be one of these essential professionals, which role would you prefer in this team? *
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Why did you choose to apply for Bioquest Academy?
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