Online Worship Survey
As worship gradually returns back into buildings, the WMC worship team is trying to evaluate the sustainability of our YouTube video service.

We have been both encouraged and delighted that so many people, both in the UK and across the world, have joined us each week since we started in March 2020. However, producing our YouTube service takes many hours each week, and going forward we are soon to be a smaller production team of only four people, who already carry out many roles within our home church. If there is a strong desire for the video service to continue, we will do our best to find more people with the relevant skills and time to be able to resource it in order retain this as a long-term worship option. It would, therefore, be really helpful to seek some feedback regarding your current worship and online viewing preferences.

Whether you are a member of Wilmslow, Handforth or Styal Methodist Church, or you have joined our online worshipping community this year from further afield, we should be very grateful if you could spare a few moments to answer some questions, relevant to your situation.

N.B. your responses will only be shared with the Worship Team and Church Trustees.
If you are a member of Wilmslow, Handforth or Styal Methodist Church, please answer questions in Section 2. If you are a member of our extended online worship community, please answer questions in Section 3.
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