GamesBeat Summit 2018 | Berkeley | Call for speakers
GamesBeat | April 9 & 10, 2018 | Berkeley, CA

Gaming revolutionized: How VR and human augmentation technologies are changing the business.

GamesBeat, which is targeted at a wider group of games industry business executives, will go deeper on the business ramification of the newer technologies that have arrived in force over the past year. Game creators need to construct their offerings with an eye to how and where those games will be consumed. From AR and VR, to eSports, to new messaging platforms and the hundreds of mobile and video channels where gamers live, games developers and marketers need more tools than every to stay up with the competition. GamesBeat helps the gaming developer and marketing practitioners get the edge.

See Agenda for speaker ideas:

- There is no fee to apply or speak at the event.
- VentureBeat does not pay for travel for speakers.
- Speakers will receive a complimentary pass to the event
- Space is limited. Apply early.

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