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GRC is an education with a difference. You will learn through experience, grow with support and strengthen yourself through challenge. GRC is a stepping stone on a journey towards adulthood. In GR6 we prepare you for the next step by providing you with opportunities to learn about and demonstrate Resilience, Organisation, Communication, Community, Initiative and Teamwork. We call them the ROCCIT values, and they're woven into everything we do.

Previous GR6 students have moved on to college courses, apprenticeships, employment or University. Whatever your path, GR6 aims to ignite your passions, equip you with meaningful skills and propel you on course to a brilliant life.

The answers you give in this form will help us understand a bit more about you. They will also help you to learn about the opportunities available to you in GR6. This is just a starting point for a conversation about you that we want to have with you throughout your time at GR6.

Some of these are difficult questions to answer now, but don't be afraid to put something down. We like to be challenged and to see you challenge yourself.
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What have you valued most in your education so far?
What do you see yourself doing after your time at GRC?
In GRC you can re-take your GCSEs in English and Maths if you do not make your target grade or wish to improve your results. Which of the following subjects do you feel you may need to re-take?
Personal Learning: In GRC you will have the opportunity to engage in Personal Learning - this is time for you to study either an academic subject, area of knowledge, vocational program, language, craft or skill. This is done through various online platforms and distance learning. Your teachers will help guide you through the courses and keep you on track. Do you have a passion to study something in particular? Please list anything you would like to explore e.g History, psychology, business, sign language, floristry etc.
GRC Resilience (Climbing Mount Snowdon, for example)
Resilience is one of the fundamental ROCCIT values. In fact, we say it is the foundation on which everything is built. This is because developing resilience is really important to cope with the difficult things life can throw at you. It can also be very rewarding and fun to challenge yourself in tough situations. Every year GR6 go on an expedition. What things would you like to challenge yourself with?
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Being organised is key to success, and certainly saves time, energy and money. Organisation is like the oil you put in a car - it just helps everything run smoothly without grinding to a halt! We teach the skills or organisation, like setting goals, prioritising tasks, and managing your workload. Tell us if you think you are an organised person or not, and where you think there could be room for improvement. *
We want you to engage with others and build friendships here at GRC, and we know that to do that learning the skills of Communication is key. To nurture those communication skills we'll ask you to participate in lots of group projects, like creating a game show or designing a public mural. Have you got any ideas for group projects you'd like to be a part of? *
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One of the ROCCIT values is Community. Engaging with the local community is a fundamental part of being at GRC. Students in GRC are part of some very special communities, like The Green Room family of schools and The Swan, a community pub. 

To engage with the community we like to organise community events at The Swan. What sort of event would you like to help organise?
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Another aspect of Community is helping others who are unable to come to us; they may be elderly or infirm, they could be homeless, or sick, or disabled. 

We want all GRC students to volunteer some time and energy to help these people either directly via a Community Project, or through charity work (such as volunteering at a charity shop etc). 

Do you have any ideas about how you would volunteer some of your time and energy?
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We always like to see GRC students use their Initiative - that means being curious, generating ideas and making a start on things. It also involves making decisions with confidence and problem solving. To do this we'll ask you to come up with ideas for small businesses that we can run from The Swan courtyard, utilising the ready-made customer base of The Swan community. Do you have any initiative ideas that you would like to explore?
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Teamwork. This is about leading and being led by others.  Being part of a well-performing team is an exciting and empowering experience! One of the ways we like to build teamwork is through playing sport together. We love to play Benchball and Battleball (our own very special version of dodgeball). Do you like sport, or just keeping fit in general? *
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There are various opportunities for work experience in GRC. What areas of work are you interested in experiencing and learning more about?
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The Green Room Foundation - International
The Green Room is a charity and we have a very strong link with a vocational college in Ghana. We would like to develop that link with our GR6 pupils. In what ways would you like to get involved?
We would love to take you to Ghana. Is this something you would like to do and why?
We have a large Market Garden at the local allotment site 5 minutes walk from The Swan. Which of the following would you get involved with?
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An important aspect of GR6 is getting you prepared for independent life and living. A big part of that is being able to look after yourself and where you live. What do you think you're already capable of doing in regards to looking after yourself and your living environment? *
Where would you like some help/guidance?
What happens next...
Once you have completed an interview with Richard, complete this form as best as you can and when you are happy, click 'submit'. After we receive your answers you will be invited to a GR6 Taster day where you can...
 - Take part in some GR6 lessons and activities
 - Have a tour of the  facilities
 - Meet with GR6 staff who will discuss your answers, answer your questions and ask you a few more questions about yourself and what you would like to achieve from GR6.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us, anything at all? (Optional)
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We hold your data in a GDPR compliant system. It is used solely to assist with the admissions process and once that process is completed this data will be destroyed. Please note that if you ask to be put on a waiting list we will  assume you are happy for us to hold this data. Thank you!
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