(a) IN PROCEEDING with this application, you are agreeing to abide by all LMU3A requests and requirements to ensure COVIDSAFE operation of courses, talks, and excursions. Requirements may change from time to time in accordance with government directives.

Before submitting your application, you need to have read the important dates and other enrolment information of the published Semester 1 Program. Take particular note of 'ENROLMENTS AND COVIDSAFE RESTRICTIONS' on Page 6.

COVIDSAFE arrangements have necessitated a reduction in allowable class sizes and the number of courses in which you may be enrolled, and a change in venue for a some continuing courses. Before applying for a course you should check its availability at

(b) A discounted subscription applies ONLY for members financial in 2020.


AN APPLICATION here is specific for the Program of LAKE MACQUARIE U3A, on the western side of the lake with postal address at TORONTO.

The form CANNOT be used to apply for other nearby though separate associations including:
Central Coast, Eastlakes, Maitland, Newcastle, or Southlakes U3A.

TO COMPLETE this Form you must:

- be a Financial or Honorary Member of Lake Macquarie U3A
- have been a member in the past 2 years
- have recently submitted a New Member Application
( online via )

You may either apply for or withdraw from courses, advise availability to support course functioning, advise subscription payment, or provide suggestions for future courses.

The full course Program available this semester can be viewed via our website at:

and current Course Availability is summarized at:

Take your time to read the description, date, and time of each course, talk and excursion before applying AND please be very mindful of the little things like venue locations or overlapping course times.

You do not need to include any course you lead as your position is automatic. Complete this application only to apply for other courses you do not lead.
This Form is quick to scroll through in one continuous section. At first you identify your membership and the purpose of this submission. Then the successive courses for each day of the week (Monday - Friday). Finally, supporting information, ending with the 'Submit' button.
Membership, Subscription and Purpose responses are mandatory, then select or respond according to your own preferences.
Separate application is required for each individual Membership of LAKE MACQUARIE U3A.
Name and Suburb
IF you have changed any of your contact details and not previously advised us then BEFORE going further use our Contact Update form at
First Name *
Enter your FIRST NAME as you provided for our records and wish to have on your Membership badge.
Last Name *
Suburb *
Enter ONLY the full 'Australia Post' SUBURB name (e.g., Toronto, Mount Hutton, Fishing Point) of the Street Address OR PO Box we have in our records ( SUBURB NAME ONLY: NOT a street address NOR a PO box address NOR a Postcode )
Your payment of $60 (NEW Member) or $30 (2020 Financial Member) must be identified by our Treasurer before LMU3A membership or course enrolment can be fully confirmed.

Of course, once your subscription has been paid for the year you can use this form any number of times. Each time, a selection of your payment method below is mandatory as it helps with your correct identification.

To IDENTIFY YOUR PAYMENT with this application:

- WHEN depositing, take care to ensure your NAME ONLY, as entered on this form, is clearly entered in the receiver/payee 'Description' field, particularly if using a mobile app or Osko type payment method.
- IF at bank, ask the teller to write your name on the deposit slip as a description/reference.
- IF paying by cheque, write your name clearly on the back of the cheque.

ANY selected courses will ALL be treated the same way according to the purpose below (EXCEPT applications for CLOSED courses, which are not processed using this form).

Therefore, use a separate instance of this form to 'Apply' from that to 'Withdraw'.
MONDAY - Continuing (all year)
Select from the following courses with sessions continuing through the year.
MONDAY - Semester 1
Select from sessions held Mondays this semester only
TUESDAY - Continuing (all year)
Select from the following courses with sessions continuing through the year
TUESDAY - Semester 1
Select sessions held Tuesdays this semester only
WEDNESDAY - Continuing (all year)
Select from the following courses with sessions continuing through the year
WEDNESDAY - Semester 1
Select sessions held Wednesdays this semester only
All talks this semester are held at 2:30 pm on Wednesdays at the Multi-Purpose Centre, Toronto.

PLEASE DON'T JUST TURN UP as there are CLASS LIMITS and WAITLISTS due to COVID restrictions.
The usual practice of inviting a friend or two accompanying a member DOES NOT APPLY under COVID restrictions. Owing to WAITLISTS, we particularly request you advise if you cannot attend on the day, as there are many on waitlists who would benefit from your place.
THURSDAY - Continuing (all year)
Select from the following courses with sessions continuing through the year
THURSDAY - Semester 1
Select sessions held Thursdays this semester only
FRIDAY - Continuing (all year)
Select from the following courses with sessions continuing through the year
FRIDAY - Semester 1
Select from sessions held Fridays this semester only
Please enter the course number for which you can act as Course Clerk:
For example: 246 387
Please suggest any topics you think could be of interest for future courses, talks or events :
See next item for courses you can present yourself
Please indicate if you would be prepared to be a course leader and, if so, the type of course.
For example: one-off talk on the Egyptian pyramids; full-year course in Guitars for Beginners; ...
Please indicate any skills which you would be willing to share with the Committee.
For example: computing; technology; communication; accounting; ...
1. Check all entries, including your NAMES, SUBURB and PURPOSE at top for spelling and/or accuracy.

Please DO NOT press 'Submit' unless you have double-checked, as it is very easy with this Form to misspell and mistakenly have entered a slightly incorrect Name, Suburb, or Purpose.

2. OPTIONAL: Enter an email address below where we can send an immediate acknowledgement of having received this submission. (This address is not recorded and does not replace any email address you otherwise advised.)

This is a new facility, but as we refine its operation please do not resubmit an application if you do not receive an acknowledgement immediately.

3. Finally, ensure you have Internet connection and if so tick 'Checked', click 'Submit' ONCE ONLY, and wait a few moments for processing.
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