This is a comprehensive, secure, easy to follow form of seven pages. You can use it any number of times throughout the year to either apply for or withdraw from courses, advise availability to support course or event functioning or about subscription payment, or provide suggestions for future courses.
This first page identifies your membership and the purpose of this submission. The following five pages provide Monday to Friday courses for SEMESTER 2 applications. The final page invites supporting information, and ends with the 'Submit' button. Check all entries carefully before submitting.
Membership, Subscription and Purpose responses on this page are mandatory, otherwise select or respond according to your own preferences. You can move freely back and forth between pages and use the Go To option below once your mandatory responses have been entered.
We need to correctly identify you by entry EITHER of, preferably, your REFERENCE CODE at item 1 if you have it available, OR (new member, no email address, unavailable) all three requirements for your NAME AND SUBURB at item 2.
1. Reference Code:
Carefully copy from the Subject line of any personally addressed Enrolment Application email you received for the current year (example: if '[Ref: A903J]' were at the end of the line, copy only the A903J part)
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OR ...
2. Name and Suburb:
Enter all three requirements exactly as CURRENTLY HELD in our records. NOTE: If you have changed any of these details and not previously advised us then you must use our Contact Update form at BEFORE completing this form to avoid processing errors. If available, please instead carefully use your Reference Code above.
First Name
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Last Name
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Enter full Australia Post suburb name only. (DO NOT enter here any street or PO address, NSW, or postcode)
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Telling us how your subscription was paid is essential for cross-referencing our records. For renewing members, this is sufficient to automatically continue your full membership status. Select 'Advised' if you have already let us know (on a new member form, previous instance of this form, by postal form) or are an Honorary member. Subscription instructions are detailed in our current Program or at
ANY courses selected on the following pages will ALL be treated the same way according to the purpose below. Use separate instances of this form to 'Apply' for or to 'Withdraw' from a course. If you make no course selections or wish us to ignore any ticked as you go along, select 'Other'.
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