YS Quantum Information Science - Online Course
Hello Everyone,

Young-Scientist.in is happy to offer Online Course on "Quantum Information Science" for students who are interested to learn about this emerging field in communication and computation technology. This course will introduce the concepts of quantum mechanics and how it's being applied to develop future technologies like:

a) Quantum Computers
b) Quantum Cryptography
c) Quantum Internet

1. Classes will happen online using Zoom or Google Classroom
2. Simulations and infographics will be used for visual learning.
3. Students can interact with the facilitator through the mic.
4. Quiz after each session to reinforce the concepts learned.
5. Supplementary resources are provided to explore topics beyond the sessions and be prepared for discussion.
6 . Group discussions and case studies during the session for more student engagement.
7. Digital certificates will be provided after course completion

Session Structure:
45 mins - Introduce the concepts
45 mins - Case studies to understand the application of concepts
30 mins - Group discussion

Course Plan:

Session #1: Concepts from Quantum Mechanics
Session #2: Principle of Communication
Session #3: Quantum Information Theory
Session #4: Emerging Technologies

Eligibility: Class VI & above
Age: 11+ yrs
Duration: 2 weeks, 4 sessions, 8 hrs
Starts: Dec' 18th
Days: Friday & Sunday
Time: 6 PM to 8 PM
Course fee: ₹1600

Once sufficient registrations are received, we will provide information on the payment process.
The schedule is tentative and depends on the majority preference of the registrants.

Thank you for your support!
Please visit our website,
http://young-scientist.in for more information.

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