KAB Official Transcript Request
Please complete the following form to request an official transcript, and allow for two weeks processing time. Fill out one request for each transcript needed. For all former students and graduates there is a $10 fee for each transcript requested. The Processing Fee must be paid before the transcript will be sent.

When you submit this form, please follow this link: https://pay.kirovacademydc.org, to pay the transcript fee.

Transcript Policy
Current students may request up to 5 transcripts without any fee. However, after 5 transcripts are sent, there is a $10 processing fee that must be paid before more transcripts can be released. (Using the Common App is equivalent to one transcript request.)

For all graduates and former students, each transcript requested requires confirmed payment of a $10 processing fee, to be paid in advance of sending the transcript.

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You will receive an email once the transcript has been sent or if further information is required.
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Are you applying to universities using the Common App? *
If you are a current student using the Common App, please put Ms. Batya Carl as your Counselor and put her email address as: counselor@kabdc.org. If you are a former student, put Ms. Katherine Cromwell as your counselor, kfc@kabdc.org.
Number of Copies Requested *
If you are sending to more than one institution, you will need to fill out a form and pay for each institution.
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Write "none" if the transcript is not being sent to an organization or a university. Explain if you would like.
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