Ravensbourne Society Registration Form
The name of the club/society. *
So this is easy, what are you going to call your society?
The aims and objects of the club/society (which shall not be contrary to those of the Students’ Union). *
Again, what are you aiming to achieve with your society? If it's a hockey society, are you aiming to have the society compete in a league, to introduce people to the sport? If yours was a book society, the aim could be to expand what people read, and one of the objectives to talk about the books themselves.
Regulations relating to membership eligibility. *
What are the rules for being classed as an 'official member' of your society? Is it a paying fee, being a student of the university or just turning up? What is the process of joining your society?
Provision for the election of a committee of officers. *
So who is the head of the society, their deputy, accountant/treasurer or membership officer? How do you elect them? Please list all officers and their respective positions.
Provision for general meetings of all members of the club/society? *
What are you going to provide to the members of the society at each meeting? How many are you going to hold, any plans for expanding on what you will do initially.
The club or society shall be recognised on approval by the Students’ Union of its constitution, and on receipt of verified membership figures that confirm that it has at least 8 members (depending upon society’s content). *
Basically this means that your society will only be recognised by the Students’ Union when we see that you have the minimum number of members. That number will be decided between you and the Vice President of Activities and Participation. Please list all members and their ID numbers. Remember your officers are members of the society too!
The recognition of a club may be withdrawn by the Students’ Union if it receives evidence that a club or society is contravening its constitution. *
The club/society shall have the right to remove from office any Officer who fails to fulfill the obligations of her/his post. *
This must be reported to the Vice President for Activities and Participation.
No Union funds or support may be allocated without the approval of the Student Parliament. *
All monies received by a club or society will be deposited with the Treasurer of the society who shall present a balance sheet to the Student Union Coordinator at the end of each term and financial year. An inventory of all equipment held must also be included. *
Provide a brief description of your society. *
This will be published on the SU website. If you have a logo, please send it to sadi@ravesu.co.uk
Club/Society contact *
Email address and name
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