OPEN CALL for artists, curators, and art managers based in Kaliningrad and Berlin
We invite artists, curators, and art managers who work with projects connected with Kaliningrad and Berlin.

In December 2020, the international contemporary art festival RAUM SPACE will take place in Kaliningrad. As part of the project, artists, curators and art managers living in Kaliningrad and Berlin will meet with specialists from the cultural industry of Russia and Europe, take part in TOOLS WITHOUT RULES thematic workshops, and develop and implement joint art projects. The festival will become a platform for the exchange of ideas, observations and experiences of artists and professionals from the two cities.

Festival calendar:
September 10 - October 5 — acceptance and processing of applications for participation
October 19-25 — online, TOOLS WITHOUT RULES workshops
November 1 - December 10 — online, development of international art projects
December 14-18 — offline, joint work on art projects in Kaliningrad
December 19-20 — offline, RAUM SPACE Contemporary Art Festival in Kaliningrad

DEADLINE for accepting applications is October 5, 2020.

Workshop curators:
Alexandra Goloborodko ( - curator, who has been organizing international exhibitions and cultural events since 2010 and is a founder of the curatorial independent initiative International Cultural Project Butterbrot and non-profit cultural association Kulturschafft e. V.

Leyli Aslanova ( - curator and artist. Leyli has been curating the exhibition program of MAKARONKA art center in Rostov-on-don since 2013. Since 2019, she has been running an artist laboratory called Serpentarium.

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