Selva Armonia Volunteer Program
We're happy to hear you're interested in working with us at Selva Armonia! We're excited to begin our 2017-2018 Retreat Season and we look forward to all the amazing new help!

Information regarding our volunteer program has been outlined below. If you'd like more information, please complete the following section and we'll reach out to you shortly.

Volunteer Roles/Responsibilities:
- Assist in meal prep
- Set table and meal plates
- Gather herbs/leaves from farm and greenhouse
- Help present plates to guests / clear guest table
- Deep clean plates and kitchen after each meal
- Help maintain the cleanliness and presentation of the grounds and rooms
- Provide friendly customer service to all retreat guests
- Maintain a healthy, working environment with all staff

Volunteers are asked to arrive 1-2 days before retreat begins and may stay up to one day after retreat departs.

Arrival Day:
- Settle in to camping area or room (if available during your stay)
- Go over retreat/kitchen schedule
- Familiarize yourself with kitchen and farm
- Become better acquainted with staff

Work Hours:
- There will be a kitchen or house schedule provided upon arrival. The schedule is based around the needs of the retreat and the retreat group schedule. *We aim for our volunteers to work no more than 6 hours/per day. We thank you in advance for all your hard work!!

Work Exchange:
- Accommodations: Tent, air mattress, all linens (including towel), and pillow.
- Retreat meals during the week of work (3 meals/a day)

The dates for our events are as follows:
Retreat Season: Jan-April
Tell us more about you!
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