PFM Musician Schedule
Thanks for considering the Poulsbo Farmers Market as a venue for your performance! The market appreciates the value live music adds to the atmosphere, and would like to invite you to participate.

Thanks to a relocation to Gateway Fellowship, the market is able to resume its musical program starting in 2017. Please input your availability so we can prepare our musical calendar!

For further information, contact Market Manager, Rachael Cleveland, at Due to her schedule, email is the very best way to contact Rachael about music. Most communication regarding musicians will be through the Musician newsletter or individual emails.

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Music Sample
If available, please share a sample of your music for the market's consideration. You may also email this sample to the market.
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To whom should checks be made payable? *
The market pays musician and acts with a check after each performance. These checks are prepared in advance. The name listed below will be noted on any checks written to your band/group unless otherwise noted prior to your market day.
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Have you played at the market in the past? *
In what years? How many times per year?
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Market Day Needs *
The market is able to provide musicians with a canopy, table, and several chairs. Please select what you need from the market!
Preferred Dates *
Select your top 5 market dates. Once approved, the Market Manager will add you to the PFM Music Schedule file. As dates become unavailable, this schedule will be edited. At this point, musicians are scheduled for one performance at a time. As the schedule fills out, you may be contacted for additional dates.
All musicians are expected to abide the PFM's Code of Conduct, and may be requested to sign the Code of Conduct on market day. *
Copyright Law *
Musicians at the Poulsbo Farmers Market must agree to the following contractual stipulations to be valid and binding for all played dates by this band and/or musician at the market. TO PLAY ONLY: self-authored music, non-copyrighted music, non-copyrighted arrangements, and “public domain” music. I am aware of U.S. Copyright Law and fully respect its authority with regard to the playing of live music. I hereby certify that any music played at The Poulsbo Farmers Market is of my own authorship or in the public domain. I fully accept the contract stipulations as stated above. If I violate copyright law, I will take full financial responsibility for any fine, fee or lawsuit resulting from said violation. I am authorized by all members of my band to represent them in this agreement and my selection confirms their acceptance of the stated contract stipulations.
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