MDU Locker Rental Request Form 2022-23
86 Lockers are available for rent each season at Misty’s Dance Unlimited for registered students.

Before securing a locker rental, parents and students must agree with the following responsibilities and guidelines. Adherence to these policies ensures appropriate locker use and helps to safeguard student belongings.

Locker Fees:
Locker rental fees are $75 for the full 9 month dance season (August 1, 2022-  May 15, 2023).  Students will be assigned a locker number and issued a lock at the time of rental.

MDU Locker Responsibilities and Guidelines:

* Lockers will be assigned to students based on applications.  Lockers are for student convenience and they remain the exclusive property of MDU.
* MDU assumes no responsibility for stolen or missing items.
* Students will be issued a combination lock by MDU that must be used on this locker. Any personal locks that are added will be removed.
* Each individual is responsible for knowing his/her locker combination.  Please do not share your combination with others.  
* Dancers may not decorate or alter the inside or outside locker surfaces (ie, tape, stickers, posters, photos, labels, additional hooks, etc)
* Dancers are expected to keep their locker maintained and cleaned. Food is not to be left in lockers overnight.
* Dance clothes should be taken home weekly and washed.  

​If you will not be renewing your lease, your lockers must be cleaned out by May 15 for annual cleaning and maintenance. Lockers will be available for rental again beginning June 1 of each year.

MDU reserves the right to open a locker or conduct a search of a locker and its contents at any time.

Locks will be issued upon payment. Locker fees that are not paid in full will be subject to contract termination and the locker will be given to the next student on the list.

If you are interested in renting a locker, please fill out this form, below. Once we receive notification, your account will be charged and you will receive your lock combination information.

Lockers will be made available to seniors first, and then offered to younger dancers in succession until the availability is gone.

Thank you!
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