CIDRE Application Form
Educators should use this form to apply for the Cultural Investigations and Digital Representations for Educators (CIDRE) professional development program. Applications received by the December 31 deadline each year will be considered for the following summer's program. Applicants will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance by early February.
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Verify: I am a full-time teacher or administrator (media/tech specialist, principal) in a public or private school: *
required for program participation
Verify: My school is physically located in one of the following North Carolina counties served by the Triangle Community Foundation which underwrites this program: *
 required for program participation
Verify: I am available to attend Saturday professional development classes in Raleigh during the spring before travel abroad (approximately four Saturday classes will be scheduled March-April-May timeframe). *
required for program participation
Verify: I understand this program requires me to develop a portfolio page with several digital projects that represent a cultural theme. Program reimbursements and credit/CEUs are dependent on attending professional development classes and completing this portfolio. *
Verify: I understand this program pays for my lodging in the host country, breakfast as part of lodging, some attraction tickets and transportation costs in the host country, and will reimburse me $400 for out-of-pocket expenses such as lunch/dinner and city transit pass. I also understand I am responsible for purchasing my own airfare. *
If given the option of sharing a hotel room with one other person in exchange for a $500 airfare credit, would you take this option? *
What is your name? *
Brief Bio: How would you describe yourself to others in a short 140-character tweet or profile post? Note, if accepted into the program, we may use this information as part of a shared roster. *
for example, I am a high school English teacher at XHS, photographer, and all-around techno geek. I am addicted to FourSquare check-in's at Starbucks. I have three girls and five grandchildren.
What is the public link to your application video (paste URL here): *
required for program application
Which email address would you like us to use for application- and program-related communications? *
Which phone number would you like us to use for application- and program-related communications? *
note, we will contact participants by email, and phone will only be used as a secondary contact mechanism if participants cannot be reached by email
Home address *
we may need this information to mail you reimbursements or allowances for certain program costs
School name and address where you work: *
What is your role at this school (e.g., 5th grade teacher of social studies, technology specialist, media specialist, assistant principal)? If you are a teacher, please indicate grade level(s) and content area(s). *
note, we accept applications from all grade levels and content areas
How many years have you been working in this role? Please type a numeral (e.g., 7). *
note, we welcome applications from all educators, new to well-seasoned!
Have you previously traveled abroad or participated in other international programs for educators (e.g., UNC World View, GoGlobal NC)? If so, briefly describe your international experiences. *
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