Spring 2020 EMT Course Registration
Please view the different course options and schedules on www.ctransedu.com prior to completing this registration. If you have any questions please contact C-Trans at 276-628-8470! Please visit http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/emergency-medical-services/education-certification/how-to-become-an-emergency-medical-services-provider-in-virginia/ prior to completing this registration to ensure you are eligible for this course. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE CPR CONTACT US ASAP!!!
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I understand that I will have to pay $400.00 by the first night of class. If you do the pay plan you must pay $200.00 on the first night and the additional $200.00 over the following four weeks. You must sign a contract. *
Do you have CPR? If you do not or if it will expire prior to July 2020 we will offer a class in advance of the first night for $50.00. If you answer no we will email you once the dates are set up.
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I understand I will need to be dedicated and complete self-study on my own in order to pass this course and test for certification. *
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