On submission of a membership application the student shall be considered a temporary member until the application has been processed. Temporary membership conveys all of the privileges, rights, and responsibilities of a full student until:

The application has been processed
The applicant makes their first membership payment


Temporary memberships expire after 28 days unless membership payment is made.

Full membership shall expire 12 weeks after discontinuing payments.

Membership expires immediately upon rejection of membership application or otherwise leaving the organisation.

Loss of membership includes loss if privileges and exemption from Controlled Weapons status for swords and weapons.


All data collected via these forms is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with other organisations or individuals unless required to in order to comply with Australian law.
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Currently Scholar Victoria only accept students of age 16 years or over.
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If yes, what is the address the sword(s) will be stored at (simply enter "as above" if it's your address)
I affirm that I am not a Prohibited Person as defined in the Victorian Firearms Act (1996), and am aware of my sword ownership obligations. [if you are unsure, see the] *
By checking each of the boxes below I am digitally "signing" my agreement to each of the following documents (to be completed by parent/guardian for under 18 applicants): *
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