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Welcome to the inaugural season of the McLaughlin Theatre Company Community Orchestra (MTCO) sponsored by the M&M Whitmire Family Foundation! Audition placements for this incredible opportunity are now open! Please make sure to answer all questions as you work your way through the form. The audition process will consist of four areas of proficiency. 1. scales, one major and one minor scale of your choice. 2. a prepared piece (chosen by you), play anything that will demonstrate your current ability. This can be a piece from a book, an etude or solo selection, 3. sight reading (optional based on level and ability), and 4. overall performance. MTCO will gather our results and place new members into the MTC Orchestra or into MTC Ensemble Classes based on placement results. We are excited to get started on this incredible opportunity to bring theatrical and orchestral music to our community! We hope you join us in this fun and educational based opportunity.
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