Application form to become a CEMarin Early Stage Researcher
The Corporation Center of Excellence in Marine Sciences - CEMarin is a non-profit organization with a long history of successful scientific collaboration in the field of marine sciences between Colombian academic institutions and Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, Germany.

However, we are convinced that in order for the scientific community to grow, strengthen and contribute to social development, it is necessary that graduate students belong to a network where they can share their ideas, concerns and projects with other marine researchers. That is why we created the CEMarin Early Stage Researcher (ESR) category.

By becoming official members of CEMarin, graduate students will not only share their thesis projects with other students, but will have the opportunity to interact with renowned scientists from various areas and learn from them, broadening their perspective and knowledge. They will also have the possibility to participate in calls to receive funds for courses, workshops and scholarships, which could provide valuable inputs for the development of their research.

If you are a graduate student and are interested in becoming a CEMarin Early Stage Researcher, fill the following form and submit the documents listed at the end of it to The information will be assessed by CEMarin and if you are accepted as a member of our Corporation we will notify you by email. With this procedure we intend to honor your hard work and your dedication to the marine sciences.
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