ROOM | Yale-NUS Arts Festival 2015

"... I experienced something breathtaking and very original. Emerging from ROOM was a bit like coming out of some strange, verbal virus-induced amniotic fluid..."

- DJ Pangburn, VICE Motherboard


Hello, Welcome to ROOM.

ROOM is an interactive story-telling experience for one (or more) blindfolded person(s). It is entirely improvised each time in response to the audience's imagination. Amongst many other things, it has been described as virtual reality without a headset, an imagination massage, a collective lucid dream and purposeful daydreaming.

We are performing 3 dates at Yale-NUS Arts Festival. ROOM will take place in Theme Room 4 on the Yale-NUS campus (6 College Ave E, Singapore 138614)

Please sign up for your date and time slot. We will be in touch to confirm your place.

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Entry to this event is complimentary

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