ELONCITY Private Contribution Application
ELONCITY Private Contribution Registration has started on June 28, 2018.


Volume: 1,000,000,000 ECT Finite amount of ECT created. No inflation.
Maximum token amount for contribution: 32%
Mining for stored renewables: 32%
Team: 7.5%
ELONCITYLab: 14.5%
Marketing: 14%

Soft cap: $10,000,000.
Hard cap: $33,000,000.

*Private contribution : $19,000,000 (Open)
Vesting period: 9-months locking position with 10% of token released at the same time as the main token release (six (6) weeks after the completion of the main contribution). Thereafter, 10% token released per month in 9 consecutive phases.
1 USD = 9.8 ECT (Only ETH and BTC are accepted, Value will be pegged to USD listed on the coinmarketcap on the day of the contribution. Contribution starts from $200,000 USD and maxed out at $600,000 USD, 15% off discount applied).

*Cornerstone contribution: $6,000,000 (N/A)
*Public contribution: $8,000,000 (N/A)


Please provide as much information as you can. The more detailed and valuable information provided, the higher the chances of getting selected.

The information you provide will help us select the right candidates who will strengthen the ELONCITY Community.

If you are selected, you'll receive an email from <contact@eloncity.io> .

[SCAM ALERT] Please be aware of scam. Some scammers will use a forged email but still showing <contact@eloncity.io>. Please double check your email source or headers to confirm.

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Nationality *
We are not accepting participants from United States, China, New Zealand and other countries on OFAC List: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Pages/Programs.aspx
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Tokeneed UID *
Registration on tokeneed.com and KYC approval are required as part of the contribution
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Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
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ERC20 compatible ETH address *
The ECT receiving address MUST match your receiving address on Tokeneed
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How much you would like to contribute?($200K-$600K) *
BTC or ETH are only forms of accepted contribution. Value will be pegged to USD listed on the coinmarketcap on the day of the contribution
Please acknowledge and agree with the 9-months locked position on all private-contribution contributions *
To be released in 10-phases at 10% per phase with the first phase releasing at the same time as the release of the public contribution tokens
Where did you hear about ELONCITY? *
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