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This form is for us to collect your information pertaining to the work you and/or your community has done to try to enhance integration and foster community cohesion. We may want to share the learnings that you've collected; there is no better way for other communities to gain the tools and knowledge they need then from your experience. So we may contact you directly asking your permission to retell your story so you can approve of our retelling!
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Summary Sentence - In brief, what is the story you want to tell?
eg. This is the story of how Anytown Township created an ethnically integrated rental development and sustained it for 30 years.
Details about the place
Define the challenge
eg. what/who was segregated? what/who was lacking cohesion?
Details about the key characters involved
You do not need to disclose real names or identity information; for instance "There was a school teacher with experience in affordable housing who spearheaded the effort..."
Details about the key agencies/institutions/businesses/etc. involved
Again, you may want to keep specifics hidden; for instance "A very prominent business downtown and most of the entrenched city council were unfortunately in support of exclusionary zoning..."
Methods used to integrate or build cohesion
Outcomes (measurable ones and hard-to-measure) from the methods
Community reactions and responses to the efforts
Brief statement of key lessons learned from the experience
Bullet points will do!
Anything else you want to share
eg. links to a website about the story; questions left unanswered; other requests, etc.
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