Isoplane Passenger Manifest 2.0
Not actual manifest, but we collect applications here.

Submission deadline is 15th December 2023.

Please ensure all information given is truthful and double checked. For inquiries and questions please contact funwok on discord.
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Email *
Is this application for yourself or another person?
Does the applicant have a valid Worlds Invite for Worlds 2024 @adepticon, USA?
If yes - at what event was the invite earned?

(Include all relevant information please - e.g. Store Champion [which one, when], Worlds Qualifier Top4, roll downs [how and why] etc.)
First Name (of the applicant)
Last Name
Alias/nickname of the applicant if used (e.g. Isophane, funwok, "Louie")
Discord handle of the applicant:
Contact info of the applicant, if not using discord
(email, socials, etc. - please share personal data and contact info only with explicit permission)
Country of Residence
If you send this application for another person, who are you?
Your own contact info if you have nominated somebody else (discord preferred)
What kind of financial aid is needed? Please be specific.

(Eg. Flights, Hotels, Con Tickets, Gas Money, Bribes)
What amount of money is requested?

Please include the currency of choice (USD, EUR, AUD, RAND, YEN etc.)
In what form should the financial aid be given?

(paypal, pigeon carrier, money transfer)
Is the applicant a community contributor? If yes, please explain in what way.

(E.g. - Applicant is a local TO organizing League YXZ in Nürnberg / Podcaster for XYXCast / Event Judge for STO)
Please add any further support in favour of the applicant - make a good case for your friend or you!

This is very important field to help Isophane review your case. Feel free to add as much information as you like. Write freely and plenty!

If you gathered as a playgroup/community to nominate someone, this is also the time to highlight it! ;)

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