2021-22 BCA Math Team Registration Form
All students must fill out this registration form prior to attending their first in-person math team meeting. Please make sure you are familiar with the Math Team's policies (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jR2y_rpKYJREo-hRm4I6XcNe3CtzI5jt/view)
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Please do not abbreviate (except for HS/MS) if not BCA.
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This should be an address for the student, if one exists. BCA/BCTS students should use their bergen.org address.
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Enter a ten-digit phone number, with no spaces or punctuation. This should be a phone number where a parent or guardian can usually be reached during math team meetings (Saturday afternoons).
Emergency Contact Name *
This should be someone other than the person attached to the above phone number.
Emergency Contact Relationship *
How is the emergency contact related to the student?
Emergency Contact Phone number *
Enter a ten-digit phone number, with no spaces or punctuation. This must be a DIFFERENT PHONE NUMBER than the one listed above. It will only be called if there is an emergency and the above number is not answered.
Important health information *
Please enter any conditions that coaches need to be aware of, or which could affect participation. This may include but is not limited to diabetes, any allergies, or anything else which may require our attention. If no such condition exists, please write "none".
Past competition experience
In the interest of tailoring our program, we want to know about students' math competition history. Please include any results, rankings, or awards from the last 2-3 years you would like us to know about (even if they happened as part of the BCA Math Team!). On the other hand, if you do not have much to say here, do not feel that you are being discouraged from joining or attending. Everyone has to start somewhere!
Have you qualified for AIME? *
Any other math competition experience
This would include things like Math Leagues, ARML, Mathcounts, AMC, etc. Include scores, rankings, awards, honors, etc, to the extent that you feel would be helpful. In general, limit yourself to the last 2-3 years.
Goals for this year
What would you like to accomplish with Math Team in 2022 and going forward?
Any additional information
If there are any additional details you feel we should know that are not adequately addressed by the above questions, please feel free to enter them here.
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