Brand Story Questionnaire
The following questions are designed to get a clear idea of about your brand.
Brand Basics
Vision, Mission, Values
What problem are you solving?
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How do your solutions create value for your audience?
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What do your customers care about? What are their wants and needs?
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What values do you integrate in everything you do?
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Name the four top words that define your company
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Please highlight words that you'd rather avoid in your brand communication. Then, please list words that resonate with you, and are absolutely essential for your brand.
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Brand USP and Evolution
What makes your brand unique
What are those most important differentiators that make you stand out?
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Please share some interesting facts about how/why your company was founded?
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Please share your growth story since the founding year.
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Brand Personality Spectrum
What is the personality of your brand?
Personable and friendly
Corporate, professional
Spontaneous, high energy
Careful thinking, planning
Modern or high tech
Classic and traditional
Cutting edge
Accessible to all
Brand Behavior
Understanding habits and behavior of your brand
If your brand were a character in a movie, who would they be played by, and in which movie?
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Names of blogs or websites that you follow to gather latest trends in your work field?
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What tools, apps, and brands does your brand use or engage with?
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Brand Tone
Capturing the attitude of your brand : how should your audience feel when they interact with your brand in the following ways.
Message and Visuals: user experience on your website, for example.
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Quality of Products & Services: user experience when they use your products & services
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Reviews and Mentions: user feedback after they have used your products & services
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Marketing Efforts: what and how you speak across various communication channels
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Brand Engagement Methods
Deciphering brand's focus on customer delight with supportive features
Describe the types of emotional engagement methods you might use in your interface to support your design persona and create a memorable experience. For example, random funny greetings at the top of each main page.
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Brand Competitors
Analysing competitors
3 competitors that inspire you and why. Please list their websites.
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Our Project Collaboration
Understanding your intent for our collaboration
What challenges are you currently facing regarding your brand story?
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What kind of engagement do you prefer?
What is your budget?
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What is your timeline?
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Where are you located?
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What is your preferred channel of communication?
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Do you have any other information that you'd like to add?
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Please share your name and contact details.
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire! Wish you a pleasant day. Best, Jahnvi Pananchikal.
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