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Terms and conditions
 The trademark is the property of EDB. Its use is governed by the intellectual property rights and laws of Sri Lanka.
 You have to be a company registered in Sri Lanka and with the Sri Lanka Export Development Board.
 The owner may grant licenses to use the mark in terms of these conditions and under and subject to the terms and
conditions as the owner deems appropriate. Such licenses shall be through signing the online form.
No person including exporters, associations and any other person desirous of using the Mark on ICT/BPM services
or in any other form of ICT/BPM services for domestic consumption or export purposes shall use the words/mark of
‘Island of Ingenuity ’ in any manner or form whatsoever without a license duly granted by the owner.
 Licensee who is entitled to use the Mark under license shall comply with such directions as may be issued by the
Owner from time to time and shall maintain such records as the owner may require.
 When you click the option to download you agree to abide that ;
I. Mark is correctly depicted as per the guidelines and will not change or amend the design system for their own use.
II. Mark shall be of a size which is proportionate to the brand usage guidelines.
III. it does not contain any material that would cause any harm to the Owner of the Mark and to the reputation and
goodwill of the Owner of the Mark
IV. Licensee shall not use the Mark in a manner which is deceptive or which could bring them into disrepute.
V. Licensee will refrain from using or registering the Mark as Trademark or as part of Trademark or Trade Name
VI. Licensee undertakes that it will not claim or cause, permit suffers or assists others to claim any interest in the Mark.
VII. Licensee acknowledges that any and all rights created by the use of the Mark is the sole property of the Licensor”.
VIII. Licensee shall be responsible for the consequences of any breach of this License on its part, and shall be fully liable for any damages that may result from such breach of this License.
The Owner shall keep and maintain at its Registered Office a Register wherein shall be entered and recorded the names, addresses and descriptions of each licensee, the details of licenses including terms and conditions of license, duration of license and cancellation, termination or withdrawal of the license, details of the violation of the terms and conditions of the license and any other information and particulars as the owner may deem necessary and appropriate.
 Where a Licensee uses the certification mark in an unauthorized, misleading or deceptive manner or in any manner that defames or brings disrepute to the Owner or to the Mark is convicted of any offence leading to discredit the Licensee as a trader, or is declared bankrupt or goes into liquidation, or has registered or sought to register either in Sri Lanka or anywhere in the world the words ‘Island of Ingenuity ’ as a trade mark, service mark, collective mark, certification mark, trade name or any business identifier or part thereof, for any good or service or is found to have indulged in acts of unfair competition and/or infringement and /or passing off, the Owner may forthwith terminate the License without prior notice.
 Any dispute that arises between the owner and the applicant for license or the licensee with regard to the grant of the license or the use of the mark shall be first referred to the Committee of Experts/Branding Committee.

 The committee having heard the parties, if the committee considers such hearing is necessary, may inquire into the dispute and submit its findings to the owner for decision.

 The owner, having considered the report of the committee, shall make the decision and inform the applicant or licensee accordingly. The applicant or the licensee who is dissatisfied with the decisions of the Owner may make an appeal to the Committee of Experts/Branding Commiittee.
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