Greek Mythology Escape Room
You are the child of a shepherd in Ancient Greece. One day when you open the pen to bring your sheep out to graze, there is an extra ram amongst the flock. This isn't just any ram. It's the largest sheep you've ever seen. Your parents are ecstatic. Despite not having the faintest idea where it came from, they are already arguing about how much it will fetch at the market. Then... your prize ram runs off. Desperate to retrieve the animal, you give chase. After hours of climbing hills and running down rocky slopes, always with the sheep just ahead of you, you finally catch it. But you've barely put your tired arms around the creature when it morphs, turning into the Greek god Hermes.
"Child," he says. "I am in search of a new champion. You have proven yourself physically strong and fleet of foot. But now you must prove that you are clever as well, for the champion of a trickster god must be able to outwit anyone in the land. Some of the Olympians have agreed to help me by preparing a challenge for you. Solve them all, and you shall be rewarded."

(Note: if you get an answer wrong, there will be some sort of clue in the wrong answer response. If you're stuck, get it wrong on purpose for the clue!)
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