Burklyn Ballet Audition Registration Form 2022
Please contact us at info@BurklynBallet.com or call 1-877-287-5596 if you have any questions.
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I, the parent or legal guardian of the aforesaid student, agree on behalf of myself and said student not to hold Burklyn Ballet Theatre Inc., or the studio in which Burklyn Ballet Theatre holds its audition, the directors, faculty members or employees of either, liable for injuries or illness contracted while auditioning for Burklyn Ballet Theatre, The Intermediate Program, the Edinburgh Connection, and/or the Choreographic Project. I grant permission to Burklyn Ballet Theatre to use and display any photographs of this audition for commercial or non-commercial use.  I also grant permission to Angela Whitehill, Founding Artistic Director of Burklyn Ballet Theatre, to use and display any photographs in any future publication, videos or books she might write.
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