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Family Event *
Hold at least one parent/daughter or family event:  dinner, campout, sporting event, etc.  Describe your event below
Ceremonies *
Participate in at least three of the following ceremonies: (Flag ceremony MUST be completed)
Required Badges *
Earn the Patriotism, Emergency Preparedness, and Etiquette badges at least every three years (or at least one per year).  List the date each badge was last earned.  If this is your first second year, this section may remain blank, but by the end of year 3 all badges must be completed.
Community Service *
Participated in each of the following community service projects:
Community Service continued *
Please describe each of the community service projects you participated in this year.
Promise and Creed *
Learn or review the Frontier Girl Promise and Creed.  Act out, make posters, greeting cards, a mural, make up a game, or plan specific actions to demonstrate parts of the Creed.
Outdoors *
Do at least 3 outdoor activities (hiking, camping, outdoor games, swim party, etc.)  Describe each below.
Badges *
Earn at least 6 badges as a troop from at least 4 different Areas of Discovery.  List the badges below along with their Area of Discovery.
Character Badge *
Earn at least one Character badge each year.  List the Character badges earned below.
Public Activity *
Participate in at least one “public” activity in uniform such as a parade,  community festival, or public fundraiser such as a bake sale.  List all public activities below.
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