Defy the Death Ray!
We are ALL powerful!
We are ALL knowing!
We are ALL evil!
We are A.L.L.
(Anti-Librarians League)


True story: The inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) claimed he had designed a defensive superweapon, a “Death Ray”, but after his death, no plans for it were ever found.

…Or were they?  It turns out that the evil A.L.L. (Anti-Librarians League) has gotten its hands on the plans. They’ve somehow managed to build Tesla’s device and now they’ve set the Ray’s sights on us librarians to Dewey Decimate us!

But ~ what’s this?  The ghost of Tesla is here with us today and wants to help?  He secretly built a hidden failsafe into his Death Ray interface, and now he is providing clues from beyond the grave, so we can input the code into the secret back-end of the Death Ray. Thanks, Tesla!

But quick, we’ve got to stop the Death Ray’s detonation!  Tesla knows we can use our mad library skills and find the solutions by employing the Opposing Viewpoints in Context (OVIC) database - an exciting (and Death Ray-defying) highlight of your TexQuest/TexShare subscription!

Tesla was quite the prophet. For each clue, read his quote predicting a modern-day technology and then answer the question, filling in the blanks on your answer sheet until you eventually reach the failsafe screen of the Death Ray.

Before you start:

> Print the Answer Sheet (PDF) found here:
> Print the OVIC handout (PDF) found here:

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