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Thank you for your interest in Make Traffic Happen SEO Optimizing Service by Travel Tractions Marketing. Using our proven SEO optimization techniques, we can help drive more traffic to your website.

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What to expect from our SEO Optimization Service
SEO is not magic, it's strategy, procedure and technique. We use keyword research plus our proven 8-step SEO strategy to optimize content. The work being done on your site will include the following updates:
• Keyword research to identify target keyword
• Rewrite title to include target keyword
• Rewrite opening paragraph to include target keyword
• Sprinking of related keywords throughout
• Adding heading tags with keywords as appropriate
• Adding or adjusting internal links
• Adding or adjusting external links
• Writing additional content as necessary for good SEO (no specific word count)
• Rewrite meta description to include target keyword

We will not alter your writing except where necessary to add content or add appropriate keywords. This will result in some of the content in your article being altered. We will not alter a post's URL. If you wish to do so, we will leave that up to you.

We will deliver your optimized content via a Word doc or Google Drive doc. No work will be performed in your Wordpress or CMS system.

Aside from the things mentioned above, no other changes will be made to the content.

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We require access to your Google Search Console to identify target keywords. You can either give us editor access, or download an export of the keywords for your chosen articles. Which method do you prefer? *
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