2018 Carolina Classic Sectional Sponsored by The Blue Bullets
Please use this form to volunteer for the 2018 Carolina Classic Sectional staff.
This is an application, but we can make no promises for guaranteed staff positions.
The match will be September 13th to 16th (4 Days).
The match staff is as follows:
Match Director-Marty Wood
Range Master-Jim McBurnett
Stats- Zack and Donna Jones
Chrono CRO Kyle Lee
Range Coordination and Range Construction Manager Jason Byerly and Sal

The range address is:5068 US-64, Franklinville, NC 27248
Staff will be shooting on Thursday, September 13th.
If this is your first time applying as staff, we try to treat our staff right. We will do our best to make sure meals are provided with ample time to eat, tents and/or shelters are available to protect from the weather, coolers are stocked, and there are enough staff on the stage to take a break when needed.

Special Events for staff:
On September 13th we will have a dinner at 6:30 PM at the Sagebrush restaurant in Asheboro. At the dinner, prizes including a new gun from one of our sponsors will be given away. Must be present to win the prizes at the staff dinner.

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If you are unable to staff the match all 4 days, please register for the match normally. We will then reach out to you later if we need more help. Email uspsancsection@gmail.com about any special situations after filling out form
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If you have a specific person(s) you would like to work with or not work with, please let us know. We can offer no guarantees.
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Use this to let us know if you have any specific requests due to physical or mental differences. We can offer no guarantees. Check any that apply
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If you are interested, we will email you with names and email addresses to you of all those interested. We want to help you get connected with folks!
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