Graduate DH Certificate Application Form
You will need to attach two documents to this application: (1) a one-page statement of purpose in applying for the DH certificate, and (2) a pdf transcript (unofficial is fine). You may return to this form and edit your responses.
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Please attach the following: A one-page statement of your purpose in applying for the DH Certificate, including how you expect that DH approaches will enhance your scholarship and what you hope to achieve in your DH certificate work. *
Doctoral students are also expected to articulate a plan approved by their DGS for completing the certificate requirements within the standard candidacy deadline and graded credit requirements for their program. This may take the form of a simple semester outline indicating how DH requirement completion activities will coordinate with other departmental requirements. Please attach a copy of this plan, signed by your DGS.
Attachment: pdf UVA transcript (unofficial is acceptable) *
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