Status Quo and Goals
Hi and welcome to OFEN mentoring! As a first step, please fill out this questionnaire which will allow us to start understanding you, your needs, challenges, practice and commitments, and which will help us to work with you in a bespoke fashion. Please fill it out as best you can and as you see fit, and if we need any clarity we will get back to you.  
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Current goals and aspirations
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What do you value most in your life?
Review your list of values. Which are you your top 3? 
Write your own definition for each value.
Current strengths and weaknesses related to your work and work-life 
Description of current practice and commitments
From the last section ("Description of current practice and commitments"),  please copy and paste what parts of your practice is your passion. 
From ("Description of current practice and commitments"), please copy and paste what parts of your practice do you want to let go of.
What brings you joy in your practice and in life?
What’s your level of well-being in your work life?
What’s the climate/working culture where you work/practice?
What’s your current relationship with your body?
What specific parts of your commitments/practice would you like to work on with us?
What specific challenges are you facing now?
What opportunities do you see for yourself at the moment in relation to these specific goals and challenges?
What might you foresee as blocking change or development?
what are your expectations from OFEN during your mentorship? 
Any further information you would like to share?
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