KAU Science Conference 2019
KAU Science Conference 2019 is International Interdisciplinary Applied Science & Business Conference organized by Kyiv Academic University as a part of the 4th Alumni Forum of KB MIPT / KAU in Kyiv on 22-23 April 2019. It covers Applied Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computing as well as Science and Business relations with the idea to demonstrate the advantages of physical research education for problem solving ability and personal success.

The Conference is aimed to provide a platform for Students, Researchers and other Professionals to exchange their research findings and other achievements with international community of KAU Alumni and Friends. The two satellite Student Schools will provide opportunities for scholars to attend the KAU SciConf open session, to get familiar with the hot topics and techniques of modern condensed matter physics and biophysics, to exchange new ideas and their experiences, and to establish research relations for future collaborations internationally.

Preliminary schedule:

22 April - 40th Anniversary Meeting of KB MIPT / KAU Alumni and Friends. The presentations cover the history of KB MIPT / KAU, the discussion of common practices of the research education around the world, and prospects of KAU development.

23 April - Open session consists of selected short talks that mostly cover KAU areas of research interests, including, but not limited to, Applied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computing. On the other side, scientific part will be balanced with the personal success stories that show Science and Business relations illustrating advantages of physical research education.

Satellite student schools:

17-19 April - 13th Student Workshop "Biophysical Methods in Neuroscience" at the Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology of NAS of Ukraine

24-26 April - Student School on Applied Physics (organized jointly by KAU departments at three academic institutes: the Kurdjumov Institute for Metal Physics, the Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, and the Institute of Physics).

While the detailed scientific program is under reparation, the contributions to all Conference sessions and Satellite Schools are welcome. Please, register your participation and suggestions below or write to info@kau.org.ua

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