mutalk 2 Microphone Volume Inspection and Adjustment Request
This is the free collection and inspection request form for mutalk 2 microphones.

Due to the manufacturing process, some users may feel that the volume is "lower compared to other microphones." With this app update, you can now adjust the volume upwards, but setting it above +15dB increases the noise level. Therefore, if you feel the volume is as small as the standard gain (+12dB), we offer a free inspection and adjustment service for the microphone volume.

Please follow the five steps below to check the volume:

  1. Change mutalk 2 to Bluetooth mode, afterwards connect it to your smartphone (Instructions).

  2. Install the smartphone app and update the firmware of mutalk 2.

  3. Using the smartphone app, ensure that the microphone gain is set to +12dB.

  4. Make sure the noise reduction of mutalk 2 is turned ON (Instructions). The volume will be low if it is OFF.

  5. Use the Voice Memos (iPhone) or Recorder (Android) app on your smartphone to record your voice and check the volume.

The volume settings on PC/Mac can be complex, and various filters and noise suppression software potentially be running in the background. Therefore, we kindly ask you to check the volume on a smartphone (Android or iPhone) except on a PC/Mac.

If you still find the volume low after confirming and adjusting the above steps, we will check and adjust the microphone volume.

Please note that mutalk 2 is designed with slightly lower volume to consider use with loud voices. If the volume is only slightly lower compared to a typical microphone, please adjust the gain using the smartphone app and continue to use it as is.

Submission Period: Until July 31, 2024

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Did you check that the microphone gain is set to +12dB using the dedicated smartphone app?  
Did you check that the noise reduction feature of mutalk 2 is turned ON (Instructions)?
Note: The volume will be lower if it is OFF.
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