I'm glad your family is interested in capturing some family moments! My sessions do not involve posing your family or making everyone smile at me. They do involve capturing genuine emotions and family interactions during familiar favorite activities, favorite places, or regular everyday things. The images tell stories and capture relationships, often with your home or yard as the backdrop. Here are a few questions to get us started. I'll be in touch to work out the details once I receive your responses.
What type of session are you interested in? Check all that apply:
Think about your family. What do you love about your family? What do you want to remember about this time of life?
What are your goals for this session? What images are most important to you to capture?
Which of these aspects are you interested in capturing? Check the boxes that appeal most to you, or fill in your own ideas:
Tell me a little about your child/children. What is his/her name, age, current interests, and favorite activities?
What is the best time of day for your family to be photographed? Consider your family's routines, moods, and nap times. My sessions are usually between one and two hours long.
Do you have a specific day in mind for your session?
How are you planning to use your images? Choose any that apply:
After your session I will share your edited images with you via an online gallery. I also usually share some session images anonymously on my website and social media. Is that okay with you?
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