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All reports will be kept anonymous and only shared at the highest level of Freeport Little League Board 
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Please provide your name and contact information: All reports will be kept anonymous and you will be contract by league president or vice president *
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Date of incident *
Time of incident:  *
Location of incident: Please let us know Fields  *
Description of the incident: Clearly describe what happened, including relevant details such as the sequence of events, the people involved and any contributing factors. Use objective language and avoid assumptions or opinions. *
Witness information: Include names and contact information for any witnesses to the incident. Their accounts can provide valuable perspectives and corroborate details. *
Action taken: Outline any immediate actions taken to address the incident, such as first aid, contacting emergency services, or removing persons from park. Documenting these responses is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of the initial response.
Recommendations for prevention: Offer suggestions on how similar incidents can be prevented in the future. This proactive approach demonstrates a commitment to improving safety and mitigating risks.
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