OpenColorIO 2022 Feedback Survey
Hello, OCIO community! For this year's ASWF Open Source Days (Aug 8-9 in Vancouver, BC) we are interested in hearing from the community - what topics are top of mind for you or your studio? What OCIO use or development questions do you have? What features would you like explained? What would you most like to see from OCIO in the future?

Direct survey results will be kept within the OCIO TSC, but quotes from responses / questions might be used anonymously in the presentation.

Please contribute to the survey regardless of whether you can attend Open Source Days - the presentation will be recorded, and in the event we can't answer everything, we'll follow up.

The survey will close on Sunday, July 31 to give us time to incorporate responses and create our presentation.

Appreciate your time and support of OCIO!

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In what context do you/your studio mainly use OCIO?
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What new OCIOv2 Feature would you most like explained?
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What current improvement / bug fix is most important to you / your studio? (Feel free to cite an open issue if relevant)
Do you have ideas for long-term future developments or features  for OCIO?
Please ask any development-specific questions here.
Please ask any end-user / UX / UI questions here.
Please ask any OCIO Config specific questions here.
Have you tried the new OCIO v2 ACES configs? (available at
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Do you have any feedback or suggestions about the current (CG) or in-progress (Studio) ACES config projects? Any ideas for other community maintained OCIO configs?
Do you have any feedback about the current functionality and usability of the OCIO documentation?
Have you/your studio upgraded to OCIOv2 (library and config files) in your pipeline?
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If you are not using OCIO v2 yet, why not?
If you have not upgraded to OCIOv2 yet, what does your timeline to upgrade look like?
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Anything else we can answer / help with? All feedback is welcome.
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