Bureau of Erotic Discourse Incident Report
This incident report for is for the campers of the Bureau of Erotic Discourse (BED) to inform the camp leads (BED Heads) of any transgressions against our principles and campmates. The incidents should be related to our camp area and/or related to camp members. This does not need to be during the duration of Burning Man. The BED Heads will review the incident reports and will follow up on how we can find a solution after Burning Man since there is little cellphone service to access the document.

There is a separate Incident Report if the issue is against one of the BED Heads to be read by our Camp Culture Lead you can find here:

Our incidents are categorized under our principles:
Radical Inclusion
Radical Self-reliance
Radical Self-expression
Communal Effort
Civic Responsibility
Leaving No Trace
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