The Ambassador's Club
I am so grateful for your willingness to partner together in the Kingdom. What you do is so important, and you are changing the world. Few people will leave as lasting of a mark on the world than you, so keep doing what you are doing. 

Take some time at the end of each event to record some key information to help us follow up with the work you have just completed. And help us share your work with those in our circles of influence. This helps us continue to make a positive impact for the Kingdom, so thank you for all you do! 

Preston Cave
Mission & Discipleship Coordinator
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Were you able to share the Gospel during your stage presentation?  *
Brag on God! Were there any "Holy Encounters" we should know about as we brag on what God is doing through you?
Were you able to share about Texans on Mission during your stage presentation?  *
Notes about what you shared, or the response to what you shared about Texans on Mission. Are there any specific interests from attendees we should be aware of?

(Share only if Preston needs to know something as he follows up with event contact)
Is there anything else you would like to share about this event?
REMEMBER: Scripture teaches that God's word will not go out and return again without accomplishing the task it was sent out to complete. I don't want you to forget WHY you are doing what you are doing. Answer the following questions from your HEART, not your HEAD.
REMEMBER: We are ambassadors of Jesus. Were you faithful to Jesus' words? Did you do your very best to handle scripture with respect and care, not using it to manipulate anyone? *
If no, please explain. (This is only meant to help in support and coaching)
REMEMBER: The Groom will always take care of those who take care of His Bride. Were you faithful to Jesus' Bride? Did you do your very best to handle His Bride with respect and care? *
If no, please explain. (This is only meant to help in support and coaching)
REMEMBER: Jesus is the King, and we are His representatives. He will not tolerate anyone usurping His authority. Were you faithful to Jesus as King? Did you do your very best to keep the main thing the main thing, understanding that Jesus is the main thing? *
If no, please explain. (This is only meant to help in support and coaching)
REMEMBER: If you said yes to the questions in the HEART CHECK section then you have succeeded! Satan likes to make us feel unproductive if/when we do not see immediate results. Don't forget to be faithful to Jesus' word, His Bride, and His authority. If we are faithful in these three areas then the event was a success , even if no one made a public decision. Don't find your identity in the amount of followers YOU have. As long as we turn people's attention towards Jesus, WE WIN! Thank you for taking the time to brag on God, and for your honesty. Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom! 
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