PPG Invitational Qualifier Season 3 Application Form
To apply to host a 2022 PPG Invitational event in-store or online event, please complete the following application form with as much detail as possible. Please submit your application no later than Saturday August 6th, 2022.

Stores will be selected on the basis of the selection criteria, which includes, but is not limited to: available space to play; previous demonstrated commitment to PPG events; previous event results; COVID-safe policies and plans for the upcoming event. Stores applying should have a minimum capacity of 16 players.

Only stores selected to host will be contacted following their application.

- PPG Invitational Qualifier: (Top 4 Support) 4x Top 4 PPG Lanyards, 4x Top 4 PPG Dice, 4x PPG Invitational Invites. Cost to host: $50USD

- PPG Invitational Regional Qualifier: (Top 8 Support) 8x Top 8 PPG Mats, 8x Top 8 PPG Dice, 8x Top 8 PPG Lanyards, 8x PPG Invitational Invites. Cost to host: $200USD

Best of luck with your application!
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