Poke'Locked Challenge
Each player will be given 15 eggs for their Sun/Moon or US/UM play-through. Players are required to meet certain milestones in game each week. Those who meet those markers are eligible for weekly prizing which includes (but not limited to): Pokemon Worlds exclusive merchandise, rare plush, pins, event exclusive Pokemon, gift cards, tee shirts, and various other Pokemon memorabilia.

Players who stream their play-throughs and raise extra money that way will be eligible for a special exclusive prize.
Shows who help raise money through live streams and events will also be eligible for a special exclusive marketing package and prizes.


Registration will be from Friday, August 23rd, until Saturday, September 14th. During that time, you must register, pay the entry, and collect your 15 eggs from one of our event proctors. To collect your eggs you may tweet at @PokeCasters on Twitter, post in our Discord, or message us on Facebook to set up a time. You'll need a copy of Sun/Moon/UltraSun/UltraMoon with 16 Pokemon caught. You will need one to stay in your game (you may keep your starter). You'll receive your eggs which include a variety of Pokemon of various types, all which are in the Galar Pokedex (so they can follow you). Once your have your eggs, you can begin playing and have fun!

The event will launch on Monday, September 16th
Week 1- 9/16/19-9/22/19 (Opening Ceremony)
Week 2- 9/23/19-9/29/19
Week 3-9/30/19- 10/6/19 (TCG tournament hosted by New Dimension Comics in Pittsburgh)
Week 4-10/7/19- 10/13/19
Week 5- 10/14/19- 10/20/19
Week 6- 10/21/19- 10/27/19 (Online tournament hosted by Mt. Silver)
Week 7- 10/28/19- 11/3/19 (Closing Ceremony)

For information, updates, or to reach us; please check out:


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