2020 Graduation Walking Partner Request
FOLLOW DIRECTIONS - If you don't, you will be a sad Senior!

1. You and the person you want to walk with should fill this out simultaneously from your SCHOOL GMAIL ACCOUNTS. If your names don't match when we do our search, you will be grouped alphabetically.

2. BEFORE you complete this Walking Partner Request Form, be sure that your preferred partner plans to participate in our August 8 Commencement ceremony.

3. ALSO be sure that your preferred walking partner wants to walk with you. If you request a partner who has already requested a different person, or if you request a partner who does not participate in Commencement, you will be paired alphabetically with another Graduate, not with the person you requested.

4. Graduates will be placed in the order names are received, with Student Council and Graduates with Distinction leading the Class of 2020 to the field.

5. If you choose not to fill out this form, you will be grouped alphabetically. No exceptions.

6. Once your form is submitted, no changes can be made.
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I plan to participate in person in our PHS Class of 2020 Commencement ceremony on the morning of August 8, 2020.
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